Mycoal Foot Warmer - Pair

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Grab a pack of Mycoal footwarmers and stick them inside your shoes for 5 hours of toasty toes. Single use only, non-toxic, environmentally friendly.

Mycoal footwarmers are a tiny, discreet, wafer thin sliver of concentrated warmth for keeping toes toasty. These are footwarmers specifically designed to work well within the low oxygen environment found inside shoes. They fit inside even the slimmest of footwear and work well for all foot sizes, even the very smallest.

Just take them out of the pack and they’ll start to warm up immediately by absorbing oxygen from the surrounding air. We suggest you allow these to warm up for a few minutes before placing your feet into the shoes. They’ll last you for 5 hours, perfect for cold weather walks, standing on a frozen sports pitch, or enjoying a trip on the Snowdon Mountain Railway!

Not just for the mountains -- also good for cold store workers, riggers and any cold and reasonably dry working environment. We don’t advise the use of footwarmers in open footwear, as they’ll get too hot!