Heartland Honduras Capucas Cooperative 250g

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The Capucas cooperative is the home of our Heartland's long standing and well loved partnership farm, Los Angeles.

This coffee is a cooperative collaboration, with local small holders putting their coffees together to make this typically delicious regional blend. The cooperative was founded by Jose Omar Rodriquez in 1999.

The coffees are harvested at optimum ripeness and delivered to the cooperative for the most premium cup! Capucas was the first co-op in the country to create a facility capable of drying micro-lots in solar dryers on a large scale, and continue to excel in their field.

The cooperative (which Heartland have partnered with for over 10 years now), has many initiatives to aid their workers including paying for medical care, online university learning platforms, a virtual library and a football academy.

Great coffee doing good things.