Howies Men's Pennong Merino Boxer

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The longer legged and well-hung version of Howies legendary best selling men’s Merino boxer shorts.

Made from 100% Merino wool, and architecturally designed with the most awesome shape which cradles the vitals with both care & love!

These under-gruds are naturally antibacterial and odour resistant as well as soft and itch-free. Wear them summer, winter, travel, bike and multi-day hiking - why take more than one pair?

  • 100% Merino
  • New elastic waistband design
  • Super comfy
  • Itch-free
  • Naturally anti-bacterial

Warning: Once you buy a pair, you'll struggle to feel as comfortable wearing anything else.

Sizing suggestions:

If you are a man taking the plunge to finally buying your own underwear and are confused about what size your pants are here is the simplest guide we can come up with. Check your trouser size and choose the corresponding small, medium, large or XL.

30" - Small

32" - Medium

34" - Large

36" - XLarge