Point6 Ghost Runner Ultra Light No-Show Tab Socks

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The Ghost Runner is an ultra light, no show sock that lets you hit the pavement and trails in comfort and style. The perfect compliment to your favorite low profile shoes, the Ghost Runner features no cushion under the foot and a variety of colors to add some flair to your run. This sock is very low volume and has the necessary moisture management properties and engineered fit to prevent blisters.

Featuring Sport Support technology, ultimate fit keeps these athletic socks in place and hugging your feet without being too tight.

  • Wool 56% Spandex 4% Nylon 40%
  • Wool from New Zealand sheep raised according to the highest standards of animal welfare in a disease and distress-free environment
  • Wool is processed using the eco-friendly Naturetexx® Plasma method, not with water
  • Family-owned company headquartered in the Rockies, socks manufactured in the Appalachian Mountains in the Southeast US