Real Gwynedd - Rhys Mwyn

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This county-wide addition to the Real series explores mainland northwest Wales, an area rich in history from pre-Roman times to the industrial (slate quarrying) and post-industrial (tourism and heritage).

Gwynedd is a fascinating mix of English and Welsh speaking cultures which the author is very well placed to explore.

As a native of the area, Rhys Mwyn recognises the historically unusual in Gwynedd, and has a lightness of touch in exploring its significance. His book is a richly detailed and quirky exploration of a place where history takes in druids, princely medieval power, the Romantic Tour, grinding industrialisation, absentee landlords, religious persecution, the Victorian seaside, and contemporary tourism.

Illustrated by offbeat photographs, and drawing on Mwyn's Welsh language culture, Real Gwynedd is an entertaining and informative exploration of this often mysterious, mountainous country.

ISBN: 9781781725696