Silverpoint Search RC310 Rechargeable Headtorch

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This Silverpoint Search RC310 is a compact, rechargeable LED head torch capable of emitting 310 lumens of white light.

Four brightness settings are available and are easily cycled through with the side push button in the order of mid, high, low boost. After 1 minute, the boost mode will revert to the mid setting. Pressing and holding the button with activate SOS mode.

The battery pack sits on the back of the head band and has a red LED on it, which is useful as it makes you more visible from behind while cyling or running.

Powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable 2800 mAh battery the Search RC310 provides an impressive run-time of up to 100 hours in the low mode, meaning you can have up to four days continuous use if the situation called for it.

Recharging is easy, the included micro-USB charging cable plugs into the battery pack one end and the other end plugs into a laptop/computer or, with suitable USB adaptors, it can be charged via the mains or in the car.

It is even possible to charge whilst in the middle of nowhere as the universal charging method means you can take a power bank on you trip and simply plug in the charging cable.

Material: ABS
Bulb Type: 1 x XPG2 R4 Cree 3 LED
Maximum Output Lumen: 310 Lumens (Boost), 230 Lumens (High), 135 (Med), 10 Lumens (Low)
Operating modes: Medium > High > Low > Boost. Boost reverts to medium after 1 minute.
SOS signal. Flashing red light on battery compartment/rear
Diffuser lens to spread light more evenly
Survival whistle built in - in case of emergency
Burn Time: 4.5-100 Hrs
Waterproofness: IPX6
Battery type: 2800mAh Rechargeable battery
Battery Compartment Size: 67 x 40 x 20 mm
Product Size: 49 x 32 x 35 mm
Product Weight: 123g
Distance: Up to 120 meters