Yomega Yo-yo Jams Journey

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The two biggest names in the yo-yo business; Yomega and YoYoJam have joined forces!

Together, they have built three high-performance plastic yo-yos that combine the best of their manufacturing techniques and experience.

The Journey yo-yo is manufactured in the USA by YoYoJam and is an all new twist based on their classic hugely popular design. The original legendary Journey yo-yo from YoYoJam was a favourite with both professionals and beginners across the world thanks to its adjustable gap system.

This adjustable gap system has been copied over to the new Journey and improved upon, this means that players can enable the yo-yo to perform perfectly for a huge range of different string tricks.

Ideal for trying out new tricks, perfecting your technique and becoming a better yo-yo player, start your journey now!