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Mae Rumdoodles yn Siop Awyr Agored & Bar Espresso yn Llanberis heulog. Coffi Ciwiaidd, dillad awyr agored, cacennau blasus, sanau, hetiau, ategolion a llawer mwy. Cymysgedd eclectig o frandiau moesegol o ansawdd fel siacedi ventile Hilltrek, crysau-T organig Howies a Merino, Barcutiaid & Frisbees, a phethau i wneud i chi chwerthin!

Rumdoodles is an Outdoor Store & Espresso Bar in Llanberis, North Wales.

We like coffee, quality outdoor gear (that actually works), and stuff that makes us laugh.

We are a small shop in a great little village at the foot of Yr Wyddfa/Mt Snowdon, so if you didn't know about us already, then heaven knows how you found this website! - Congratulations - it's great to have you aboard!

We are always happy to talk coffee, and talk outdoor gear. Get in touch if you need any advice or have queries about any of our products.

At the present time we only offer shipping within the UK, but if you would like to request international dispatch we would be happy to look into it for you - and see what we could do.



01286 872 787


34 High Street



LL55 4EU


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