Hilltrek Ventile Poncho Organic

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An organic Ventile version of our practical and versatile poncho with integral adjustable wired peak hood. Large enough to cover you and your rucksack, the poncho's versatile design allows for it to be stud fastened around the body for full waterproof protection, or fastened at the side to allow maximum freedom of movement.

Developed in conjunction with members of Bushcraft UK, the poncho can even be hung as a tarp using the strong recessed loops provided.

The poncho is made from Organic Cotton Single Ventile® with fully waterproof Double Ventile® hood and shoulders, giving a great combination of weather protection and breathability.

  • Highly breathable Single Ventile® poncho
  • Fully waterproof Double Ventile® shoulders
  • Fully waterproof Double Ventile® hood with drawcord, volume adjuster and wired peak
  • Studded to allow 2 ways of fastening
  • Extra strong recessed loops; three on front and three on rear
  • L24 Single Ventile® Organic


Weight: 2lb 10.3oz (1200g)

Ventile® Poncho is available in one size only.

Overall length 91" (232 cm)
Overall width 57.5" (146 cm)
Pack size approximately 12" x 6" diameter (30cm x 15 cm)