Barista & Co Brew It Stick Coffee and Tea Infuser

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Lightweight coffee on the hill... Stick-it to that so called instant "coffee" once and for all!!

(Also perfect for an endless day-long Oolong tea re-infusion)

The award-winning Brew It Stick infuser has been specifically designed for those who want the convenience of instant coffee but the taste of fresh coffee. This one cup coffee infuser allows everyone to enjoy freshly brewed coffee quickly with no mess thanks to the included drip pot. The perfect coffee gadget for home, the office coffee rounds and those outdoor adventures.

Hassle Free and Simple to Use - similar in concept to a tea infuser with a 360° nylon filter, all you have to do is add coffee to the basket, pour in hot water, stir and twist before leaving to brew

Entry to Brewing Fresh Coffee - the perfect way to start brewing fresh or as a secondary brewer for the home, office or outdoors, all without mess as a drip pot holder is included

You Control the Strength - positioned as a lower strength coffee maker for those who don't like it too strong, to increase the strength you can stir, twist and brew for up to 8 minutes

Use Any Cafetiere Coffee - like cafetiere coffee presses the Brew It Stick has been designed to use a medium to coarse ground coffee that is widely available or match with a Barista & Co specialty coffee

Durable and Reusable - designed and manufactured in the UK with durable recyclable plastic the handle and basket are dishwasher safe, unlike paper filters the nylon filter can be used again and again

Barista notes:

Brews a textured, full bodied coffee like a cafetiere for a lighter strength black or white filter coffee.

Tip: After placing your Brew It Stick into your mug of hot water, give the Brew It Stick a twist and stir for 5 to 10 seconds to aid extraction, which will help brew a slightly stronger coffee

Instructions for Use:

  1. Remove the lower basket from the handle and using a teaspoon or a Barista & Co Scoop spoon add 15g (approximately a tablespoon) of medium to coarse ground coffee to the basket, attach back on to the handle
  2. Place the basket and handle into your cup and pour in freshly boiled water and start to twist and stir, leave to brew for your preferred brew time, we recommend a minimum of 4 minutes. If you prefer a lower strength coffee then cover the small hole on the top of the handle, to increase the strength do not cover it
  3. To increase the brew strength, you may choose to stir and twist during the brewing time and again at the end
  4. After your desired brew time, up to a maximum of 8 minutes, remove the basket and handle and place in the drip pot holder
  5. Enjoy your coffee