Bialetti Moka Express Aluminium Stove Top Coffee Maker (3 Cup)

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This iconic Moka Express Coffee Maker from Bialetti makes a great, barista style coffee at home or in the hills.

Caution: Bialetti "cup" size is based on espresso shots, and not on regular mug sizes. We tend to think of this "3 Cup" as a hefty double or triple espresso shot. One brew will sufficiently knock your fuzzy little head off and start forcing you to act like a normal human being first thing in the morning (it's those proper caffeine addicts we're talking about here - you know who you are!). Additionally, the Moka 3 Cup makes just enough to be split between two people to make two totally lovely coffees. If only you are able to step outside your usual morning discomfort zone, and start pretending to be a caring & sharing person for once!

Add water or hot milk if you want it longer.

Established in 1933, this beasty little stove-top espresso maker can be used on any hob (except induction), and also works well on most camping stoves. It is made from durable solid cast aluminium with a black acrylic knob and handle which is easy and comfortable to hold. The 8-sided design that Bialetti has become famous for, makes you feel like you're brewing up somewhere high in the beautiful Dolomites every time!

Each pressure valve is fitted with high-quality stainless-steel springs for added durability and safety. This is a timeless design and is essential in any coffee-drinker's life.

Be careful not to use too much heat when making the coffee - this can cause bitterness in the drink. Ensure you remove from the heat once the coffee starts emitting lighter coloured steam or the steam becomes audible, or else the coffee may taste burnt.