Bialetti Venus Induction 'R' Stovetop Coffee Maker (4 Cup)

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Dedicated to lovers of coffee and elegance, the Venus 4 cup is a completely stainless-steel coffee maker that is designed to last.

As well as producing great quality coffee, this wee pot looks super sleek and is a terribly fashionable addition to any stylish kitchen, beachside glamp-site, or boggy moor! (Take your pick - we prefer the latter!).

Easier to keep nice and clean than the aluminium Bialetti Moka stove top espresso makers - and here at Rumdoodles we think they are worth the extra dosh. Great extractions - great flavour.

This Venus 4 cup espresso maker is suitable for 1 big sturdy cuppa as a morning brain blast - or you can also be less selfish and split between 2 smaller cups when you are feeling sociable. The Bialette cup sizes always need to be understood as single italian espresso shot sizes - not a traditional UK mug-of-coffee size! Buyer beware!

Use the Venus 4 cup for one person - or occasionally two. If you are always making coffee for two people we recommend going for the larger Venus 6 cup.

Just like the legendary Moka Express, this Venus Induction Espresso Pot comes from the iconic Bialetti family, who have been making the highest quality coffee products for donkeys years.

Made from stylish, durable and hygienic 18/10 stainless steel, it can be used on any stove top, including induction.