Rock Trails Peak District - Paul Gannon

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Rock Trails Peak District - A hillwalker’s Guide to the Geology & Scenery

Another entertaining and informative guide book from local Snowdonia resident Paul Gannon (Science writer, journalist, and all time great bloke!). All our copies signed by the author.
This is the story of the Peak landscape from its tropical beginnings to its rugged gritty present. Limestone reefs grow in the shallows of tropical seas, taking captive fossilised sea creatures. As the seas shift and coastlines change, sandstones build up on the banks of a great river delta. Forests of giant ferns take hold of the land, leaving behind a legacy of coal. From the water worn limestone of the White Peal to the wind-sculpted sandstones of the Dark Peak, the landscape here is always atmospheric. There are mysterious dry valleys with no sign of running water, caves adorned with sumptuous stalactite chandeliers and the remains of an industrial era built on mineral riches. In the first part of the book Paul pens a clear account of how the present day landscape evolved. In the second part he leads you on a series of fifteen walks which afford spectacular views of the best of the Peak District scenery and reveal evidence of the landscape’s intriguing history.

  • 218 pages
  • 162 full colour photos
  • 35 maps & diagrams
  • Fold-out topographic and geology maps
  • Geology glossary & index of place names with grid references
  • ISBN 9781906095246
  • Published by Pesda Press

Paul is a science and technology writer; he is author of the widely praised account of the birth of the electronic computer during World War II, Colossus: Bletchley Park’s Greatest Secret. He is a keen hillwalker and organises landscape walks throughout the UK.