Fidlock Dry Bag – Sling Bag – Black/Transparent

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Fidlock Dry Bag – Sling Bag – Black/Transparent, is the handy sling bag version within this range of Dry Bags from Fidlock. In the hermetic sling bag for hip or shoulder use, a great choice for city, travelling or having fun in the great outdoors! This sling bag will keep your smartphone and valuables 100% protected against sand, snow, the heaviest of rain and the finest of dust!

The HERMETIC sling bag can be worn casually across the chest or practically around the hips. The technology used allows your smartphone to remain touch-enabled. This size is ideal for not just your smartphone but can be useed also for car keys, charging cables, passports and flight tickets, as well as many other items you might wish to keep safe!

The innovative design of the Fidlock Dry Bags, closed by 3 rows of magnets that close automatically and seal completely hermetically. This patented technology with high quality materials ensures your personal belongings are kept dry and free of dust and sand while in use out of doors.

Touch screen technology lets you use your smartphone and Tablet (in the larger-sized dry bags) through the protective bag.

The sling bag also features a magnetic belt buckle that can be easily operated with one hand.
    • Ideal for both urban and outdoor use
    • Protects your smartphone
    • Magnetic self-sealing closure
    • 100% water and sand proof
    • Full device functionality through case
    • No interference with electronics and cards
    • Magnetic belt buckle for easy fastening
    • Weight: only 141g