Heartland Ethiopia Haru - 250g

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With a storming SCA score of 87.5, this addition to our offering of Ethiopian line-up is a true coffee experience. The Hafursa Haru washing station is located close by to the revered coffee town of Yirgacheffe, and it is doing wonders to uphold the reputation of Ethiopian and Yirgacheffe coffee.

The operation of Hafursa Haru washing station allows us to ensure we can keep traceability of our coffee. The washing station has 12 fermentation tanks and and around 170 drying beds. Their high amount of drying beds means they can manage high throughput whilst keeping absolute traceability of crops. This coffee is from drying bed 160.

Bringing a classic Ethiopian profile, we roast this coffee to represent the notes of origin and to work well on brew or espresso.

And the tasting notes...just for you ducky!
You can expect florals, citrus and refreshing raspberry.