Heartland Honduras Abeja Honey - 250g

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The Capucas cooperative have again produced a firm favourite! This certified fairtrade and organic coffee has a backstory typical of the care and responsibility we have returned to Omar (head of capucas) and his wonderful co-op for the last 15 years.

The name 'Abeja' translates to 'Bees', the coffee is named so as the few small family farms that grow this coffee are also all existing or budding apiarists. They keep bees among their land to contribute to the flourishing ecosystems and quality of crops as the busy pollinators do their work.

The coffee is also, as is fitting, a Honey process. Honey processing being a wonderful amalgamation of both a natural ferment and washed coffees. Where a natural is left in the cherry until completely dried, and a washed coffee has the fruit removed at the point of harvest, a Honey Process is part dried in the cherry - allowing the coffee to absorb some of that deep, complex sweetness - before it is washed from the beans to hold on to some of the clean cup flavours as well. Truly best of both! This coffee is dried for 15-22 days depending on the weather conditions.

We can expect tasting notes of cocoa, marzipan, apricot and ginger cake. This coffee gives the most relaxing, enjoyable experiences as both espresso based drinks, and in filter brews.