HikersWool Blister Care - Midi Pack

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Preventing foot blisters has never been easier with HikersWool, New Zealand's favourite blister prevention product.

Tried and tested in NZ's rugged (and often foot-rubbingly damp) mountain ranges.

Made with 100% New Zealand lamb's wool, this soft and durable blister treatment product has been used by hikers, hill-walkers, hunters, climbers, trampers, runners, sports people, and dancers for decades. Now available in the UK.

HikersWool can be purchased in two sizes - the Midi Pack which is perfect for short trips and the Maxi Pack for longer trips or more regular use.

This handy little 18-gram Midi Pack of Hikers Wool will easily last you for a three day outing:

  • 1 rolled length of Hikers Wool.
  • 200mm x 400mm (8 x 16 inches approx.)
  • Approximate totla weight 18-20 grams
  • Pack size 130 x 215 mm
  • Made in New Zealand

Follow these directions for the best results:

  • Stop immediately if you feel a hot spot and apply HikersWool as directed - don't wait until the blister forms.
  • Apply a generous amount directly to the tender area then replace sock and footwear. Depending on the location of your hotspot/blister you may not need to completely remove your sock.
  • If the problem is in your toe area, remove your sock and wrap the wool around the affected area.
  • HikersWool will bind itself into the sock over the course of the day, this is normal. So as long as your sock stays in place, HikersWool will too. You can easily add more or replace if needed.

HikersWool will not form lumps or roll into a ball making it comfortable even for long journeys. Once you have used it a few times you will be able to judge the right amount needed for your feet.

HIkersWool is not medicated and should not be used on broken skin.

HikersWool is made from 100% pure New Zealand lambs' wool and protects your feet from blisters as well as:

  • ingrown toenails
  • heel pain
  • sore, tired feet from tramping, walking and running
  • dancers toes
  • surgery-related issues
  • amputee prosthesis

With HikersWool you're ready for that next challenge - winning that race, of tackling that mountain or dancing that recital.

Old Enoch's enormous big toe and Mrs Judd's HikersWool

Back in the winter of 1865, Mrs Judd's husband Enoch set out to walk the 250 miles from Wellington to the settlement of Waipawa, near New Zealand's wild east coast.

Enoch tramped across the Rimutaka ranges and over many rough and slippery bush tracks. The journey lasted 11 days and as tough as old pioneering Enoch was, his feet would not have arrived in Waipawa in good condition without Mrs Judd's HikersWool.

Granny Judd's parting gift to her husband was a precious handful of her specially prepared lanolin-rich wool fleece to cushion Enoch's enormous big toe against any blisters or pain. (you see in those days the early settlers' boots were made from the roughest toughest leathers on the planet!)

The wonderful secret of Mrs Judd's HikersWool lay in the gentle washing of the fleece and her very special way of carding and intertwining the wool fibres so that Enoch's big toe would not poke through.

HikersWool today

Using Mrs Judd's method which has been handed down through family generations, HikersWool was perfected by the late Brian Tonks. Brian always insisted that "you should not be able to poke your toe through the wool"!

Brian's wife Sandra Tonks-Smith successfully ran the business until her retirement, and today Sandra and Brian's daughter Lynda is keeping up the tradition.

Since its humble beginnings, HikersWool has been tested and proven effective around the world.