KeepCup Brew Cork Small 8oz/227ml Glass Reusable Cup

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These 8oz wonders are the perfect size for a proper latte or americano. We don't mean the kind of super-sized bucket-of-milk style "latte" that some tasteless chain stores make them. Only really an excuse for hiding the taste of their overpriced badly made beverages.

If you want a bigger cup than this, I suppose you can go to a 12oz which we also stock. But if you want something even bigger than 12oz, you'll have to shop somewhere else.

KeepCup Brew Cork is made from durable, tempered glass with a sustainably harvested cork band for a comfortable hold

As a drafted vessel for easy pour with a press fit sipper lid, it's lovely to drink from - lid on or off - lightweight, easy to carry and fits comfortably in your hand and cup holders.


Cup Tempered glass
Band Cork
Lid Polypropylene alloy #7
Plug LDPE #4