Petromax Spatula - Olive Wood

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The Petromax Spatula is ideal for stirring and turning juicy steaks, fried eggs, vegetable stir-fries and any dish you are cooking in your Petromax pan, on the fire bowl or in a Dutch Oven. Thanks to its material the olive wood spatula is particularly well-suited to its task: the special patina will not be damaged while stirring. Due to the flat edge you can free food easily from the bottom of the pan and serve it to your travelling companions. After cooking you can conveniently hang the spatula from the leather loop or attach it to your rucksack ready for the next adventure.

The Petromax olive wood spatula is hand-made in Germany. It is made from the wood of the Olea europaea – the trees are only felled when no more olives can be harvested from them. As a result, Petromax olive wood products conserve resources by being made from a sustainable source. Thanks to the oil wax finish the spatula will last for an exceptionally long time and is always ready for your next outdoor cooking adventure. With the help of the leather strap, you can take it with you attached to your belt or hang it up outside to use in the outdoor kitchen. Strong engraving featuring the Petromax logo gives your spatula an individual touch on the unique grain.

Caring for your olive wood spatula:
Only clean your spatula with water and gentle detergent. Apply some olive oil from time to time and allow it to dry thoroughly after use. Strongly coloured foods may cause discolouration of the olive wood.

  • 30 cm long spatula
  • Hand-made in Germany
  • Sustainably produced after the olive harvest
  • Food-safe; highly durable due to oil wax finish
  • Practical leather loop to hang it by
  • Strong olive wood ladle with a 60 ml capacity with oil wax finish
  • Hand-made in Germany
  • Sustainable due to the use of no longer productive olive trees
  • Highly durable thanks to oil wax finish, naturally food-safe
  • Practical leather loop for hanging it by
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 8 x 27 x 7 cm
  • Weight 141g