Robens Fire Gloves

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Embrace your inner Neanderthal around the campfire - and protect those soft and peachy 21st Century computer-hands with these extremely handy full leather fire gloves.

No unsightly macho callouses required!

One size fits most.

Un-official instruction of use: If you burn your hands while using these gloves - it is most likely user error - so you may have to take responsibly for your own actions for once.

Official instruction of use: We recommend that the gloves are tested and checked for damages before use. Do not use the product if it is damaged in any way. The gloves are designed to protect against heat. Make sure that the gloves are dry before use and to wear the gloves properly. The heat protection is valid for the palm of the glove only. This glove does not give protection for a temperature above 100 °C.

Storage: Store the gloves in a dark and dry place.