Rock Trails Lakeland - Paul Gannon

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Rock Trails Lakeland - A hillwalker’s Guide to the Geology & Scenery

Another entertaining and informative guide book from local Snowdonia resident Paul Gannon (Science writer, journalist, and all time great bloke!). All our copies signed by the author.
In this easy to read book Paul explains the origins of the magnificent scenery of Lakeland. Continental plates collide, volcanoes burst through the earth’s crust, great flows of ash and molten rock pour into the sea; rock is strained to the point of catastrophic collapse, and ancient glaciers scour the land. In the first half of the book Paul describes the views out over the mountains and back through time, charting the formation of Lakeland, describing factors such as tectonic collisions which have heaved up the land, great flows of lava and explosive eruptions which mixed and deformed the old rock, massive caldera collapses, freeze/thaw creation of rocky tors, sharp rocky ridges carved by flowing glaciers, and the human influence of mining and tourism. In the second half Paul leads you on fifteen walks which reveal the grand story of the creation of this magnificent landscape and provide superb views.

  • 260 pages
  • 204 full colour photos
  • 44 maps & diagrams
  • Fold-out topographic & geology maps
  • Geology glossary & index of place names with grid references
  • ISBN 9781906095154
  • Published by Pesda Press

Paul is a science and technology writer; he is author of the widely praised account of the birth of the electronic computer during World War II, Colossus: Bletchley Park’s Greatest Secret. He is a keen hillwalker and organises landscape walks throughout the UK.