Vicuna Alpaca Fully Cushioned Socks

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Vicuña Alpaca Fully Cushioned Sock

The Vicuña Fully Cushioned is a fully loop stitched sock built for comfort, warmth, and cushioning all around. It is the perfect sock for the cooler time of the year with great insulation and temperature regulation. But if you are looking for a well cushioned sock for all year use in quality hiking boots these socks are ideal. Also perfect for wellies, snow boots and chilly winters too!

  • 75% finest alpaca yarn for a silky feel, comfort and temperature regulation
  • 20% recycled nylon interwoven with the alpaca for stability and shape
  • 5% Elastane for the perfect fit


Alpaca yarn does not contain any lanolin and therefore does not cause the allergic reaction that can be caused by merino or sheep wool.

The wool of the gods:

Alpacas live in altitudes ranging from 2500m to over 4500m where temperatures can vary between +30 to -20C in one day.

Known as the wool of the gods, Alpaca fibre is one of the most durable animal fibre yarns in the world! Smooth and soft to the touch, it contains no lanolin, which means it is naturally hypoallergenic, while microscopic air pockets give it incredible insulation and moisture wicking properties, allowing it to trap heat in winter and breathe in summer.

Care for your Vicuña socks
It is important to know that natural fibres are especially sensitive towards high temperatures and any changes in water temperature. If your washing machine has a gentle wool cycle, you can wash the socks inside out for best results, or gently by handwash. Please wash separately and only use a Wool detergent. Please do not tumble-dry or dry-clean the socks.

The upside is that you have a natural product and often you do not have to wash them so often as a normal sock, you can even go 5 days or more without having to wash them!


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